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With a long history stretching back to the 1960’s and humble beginnings as a small nursery school in Lusaka’s Fairview suburb, Rhodes Park School has grown over nearly 50 years to become Zambia’s largest privately-owned learning institution. It is a fee paying school offering classes from Nursery to Grade Twelve. It operates at three campuses: 42 Joseph Mwilwa Road, Fairview, Rhodes Park, Plot 11308 Sibweni Road, Northmead, and the more recently acquired Plot 11309 Nyakatolo Road, Northmead.


RPS has been a member of the Independent Schools Association of Zambia (“ISAZ”) since it was formed in 1995. It has participated in all its functions and made tremendous contributions to its stake. It chaired ISAZ for five years in the recent past, and has again been given the mandate to chair ISAZ for the 2014 – 2015 Academic Year. Woodford School Lusaka was admitted to membership of ISAZ in early 2015.

Before 1995, RPS was a member of the Private Schools and Colleges Association of Zambia (“PRISCA”). This association went through a period of decline and has recently been revived and has reorganised with new members running it. It is an open association and all private educational institutions are now being advised to join it.