Vision To be the leading provider of quality private education and training services to learners and student in all sectors of society and economy.
Mission We aim to build our Group into a leading owner and operator of educational institutions that will contribute to the development of the human capacity of the people of Zambia through private education and training.

We aim to offer appropriate and value for money quality education and training services that are based on traditional foundations and harnesses modern methods and the power of technology.

We will achieve this by building institutions that focus on our customers and their needs, and that are staffed by well-motivated and trained employees.

Values The values which matter most to us are:
Fairness We treat our learners and students, our employees and our stakeholders in a fair and respectful manner.
Forward Movement By constantly improving and advancing our capacity, our facilities and aiming for higher achievements, we aim to ensure that our organisation continues to serve future generations.
Professionalism We act in a professional manner and set an example in our conduct, practices and policies.
Focus on people We recognise that sound education involves successful human interaction on a personal level.
Rewards and Results We aim to provide our leaners and students, our employees and our shareholders with the highest possible benefits and positive outcomes.
Care and Responsibility Those who we place in positions of leadership, take special responsibility for the people, especially young people who are students, customers and staff, and show care for their safety and needs.
Effective service delivery By using resources wisely and within the means created by our income, we achieve a high level of services and results.