paradeAt Rhodes Park, we strive to keep the Pupil-Teacher ratio as low as possible in order to ensure that children get a maximum of attention whilst in class.

The new Situational approach is being used in line with modern methods of teaching. This puts an emphasis on learning, and involves encouraging children to acquire new ideas by expanding what they are already aware of from their home and environment. Such an approach helps to open up children’s minds by their becoming contributors in their own learning process. The teaching of English is emphasised at the school because it is the main language of communication.

Subject specialisation in the upper school has been adopted as a way of ensuring that all subjects are covered effectively and efficiently. One of the practices we have adopted is that of strengthening the concepts taught through use of charts, displays, show pockets, and mobiles for learning and revision.

A special programme has been worked out for homework, which is given on a structured and continual basis. Regular tests are given to all examination classes, which helps to evaluate progress and understanding.

Rhodes Park School follows the Zambia Basic Education Course and prepares pupils to sit the Grade Seven and Grade Nine Composite Examinations.