The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child

These rights are for all people under 18. They apply to everybody without discrimination.

As a child You have the right to:

  1. Protection against discrimination.
  2. Have your best interests given the most importance when adults make decisions about you.
  3. Have your rights made a reality by the government
  4. Be given guidance by your parents and family
  5. Life.
  6. A name and nationality.
  7. An identity.
  8. Live with your parents unless this is bad for you
  9. Leave any country and go into your own country to be with your parents.
  10. Be protected from being kidnapped and taken out of the country.
  11. Say what you think and be listened to by adults when they make decisions that affect you.
  12. Get information and express what you think, unless it is against other peoples’ rights.
  13. Think what you like and have what religion you want with your parents’ guidance .
  14. Meet with others and join or set-up clubs, unless it is against other peoples’ rights.
  15. Privacy.
  16. Get information. Information on media such as radio, newspapers, books, TV, etc should be useful to you and not harmful.
  17. Be brought up by your parents if possible .
  18. Protection from being hurt, violence, abuse and neglect.
  19. Special care and protection if you cannot live with your parents.
  20. Have the best care for you if you are adopted.
  21. Special protection and help if you are a refugee.
  22. Special care and education to help you develop and lead a full life if you have disability.
  23. The best health possible and to medical care.
  24. Have your placement checked regularly if you have to be looked after away from home.
  25. Help from the government if you are poor or in need
  26. A good enough standard of living for you to develop properly.
  27. Education.
  28. Education which tries to develop your personality and abilities as much as possible and encourages you to respect other peoples’ rights and values.
  29. Use your own language and practice your own culture and religion.
  30. Play and free time.
  31. Protection from work that is bad for your health and education.
  32. Be protected form taking, making and selling dangerous drugs.
  33. Be protected from sexual abuse.
  34. Not be abducted or sold.
  35. Protection from any other kind of exploitation.
  36. Not be punished in a cruel way or tortured. Not to be put in prison with adults.
  37. Not be in any army or fight a war before age of 15. If you are affected by war you must be protected.
  38. Help if you have been hurt, neglected or badly treated.
  39. Help in defending yourself and to have your age taken into account if you are accused of breaking the law.
  40. Any rights in your country or internationally which give you better rights than these.
  41. Everybody should know about the rights in this convention, adults and children and the government should tell people about them.
  42. Tell people about them.