Exam fees for Public Examinations are set by the relevant examining body and are paid through the school Accounts Office. Parents and guardians are responsible for settling all exam fees before a pupil (candidate) may sit the exam.

The various exam fees for 2016 are listed below:

CIE Grade 12 Examination Fees stand (United Kingdom Pound Sterling (₤)):

ENTRY FEE ₤24.33 Per Candidate
SUBJECT ₤32.88 Per Subject

This means a child who is taking nine (9) subjects will thus pay: 9 x ₤32.88 plus ₤24.33, giving us a total of ₤321.59.

All our Grade 12 pupils in Blue are required to pay their examination fees by Friday 27 May 2016. Please, note that all payments should be made in Kwacha Equivalent and at the prevailing bank rate as shall be guided by the School.


Grade Twelve (12) Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) Fees (Zambian Kwacha).

ENTRY FEE K10.00 Per Candidate
SUBJECT FEE K8.00 Per Subject

A candidate taking nine (9) subjects will thus pay (9 x K8.00) + K10.00 giving us K82.00. Friday 29 January will be the last day of payment.