On Saturday 7 November, Rhodes Park School Girl Guides, L20151107_104906echwes and Teddies conducted a “Good Turn” by visiting and donating clothes and food stuffs to two orphanages in Lusaka: Mother Theresa and House of Moses in Woodlands and Chelston respectively.

The girls had the opportunity of feeding the babies; perform dances and sung songs for them as part of entertainment to put smiles on their faces. Helping others is the second part of the promise Girl Guides make when they are enrolled. They live by it in doing “Good Turns”. Good Turns are kind, considerate acts done to other people without being asked.

20151107_105103On that special day, the girls wrapped up the “Good Turn” activity at Dream Valley where they played games and had a good swim.

Many thanks go to our dear parents for the generous contributions made towards the event.