One of the major educational tours we undertake at Rhodes Park School every year is the excursion to the Vic Falls region by the Grade Seven class. This tour is supported by the PTA and takes place during the August vacation.

Although many of our learners will have visited the area before with families and indeed will return there many times in their lifetimes, none will ever forget the lessons learnt and the experiences gained on this field trip. With its combination of learning and its focus on the Victoria Falls (its formation, history as well as economic and geographic significance), as well as opportunities for relaxation on a boat cruise and game drive, and shopping excursion, the field trip is a wonderful experience that will be long-cherished.

The 2017 excirsion is scheduled to take place from 23-30 August. Limited places are still available on a first-pay-first secured basis.

Some images from the educational tour last year.