The School Guidance and Counselling Section at Rhodes Park School is committed to serving the academic, personal, and career needs of all pupils at our school. Pupils may schedule appointments with the counselor by coming to the School Counseling Office at break time, lunch or after 15 20 hours. The aim of the Guidance and Counselling section at Rhodes Park School is to enhance student achievement through personal, social, career and academic development.

School Counseling Services
Student development is supported through individual counseling/ academic advisement, group counseling, and classroom guidance, as well as consultation with teachers, parents, and community supports.

Individual Counselling
Counselors are always available to assist students with academic and personal needs. Counselors work with students individually to provide academic advisement; to help students identify college and career interests; to provide guidance as students navigate their ways through difficult personal situations, transitions, and life choices; and to aid students in the development of decision-making skills.

Group Counselling
Small group counseling is an effective way of reaching a group of students who share similar concerns. Group counseling is available to all students at Rhodes Park School demonstrating a need.

Classroom Guidance
Classroom guidance is an efficient way to give information to groups of students. Rhodes Park School provides classroom guidance based on an integrated Ministry of Education Guidance and Counselling curriculum and other resources.

Additional Services
The Guidance and Counselling Office also stocks various resources where students can find information about university, college and technical school admissions and careers. The section organizes career talks, motivational talks, job shadow program and activities like the girls night out for the grade twelve girls where the girls are equipped with various skills and knowledge to face the wider community after school.

It can well be seen that the links between secondary schools, college/universities and workplaces are very weak in our society and country at large. As a result most pupils do not know what to expect once they leave secondary school. It was in this light that the Guidance and Counselling Section at Rhodes Park School decided to implement the job shadow program with the Grade 11 students. The purpose of the program was to help improve student transition from high school to postsecondary education and career.

What is Job Shadowing?
Job Shadowing involves pupils spending time — observing one or more individuals at the workplace. The goal is to learn as much as possible about their career of interest by observing, listening, asking questions, and taking notes while “shadowing” a workplace mentor or mentors. Over seventy pupils were attached to more than sixteen organizations for their Job Shadow Experience between April 14th and April 18th. Pupils have reported on the various experiences they had and how the information and knowledge gained will help them to make informed career decisions. And all the reports we have received so far from the various mentors the pupils ‘shadowed’ and the pupils themselves indicate that the programme was very successful. We wish to thank all the parents who supported us throughout the Job Shadow week.