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We are delighted to illuminate to the world what we do at our great school of old. This upgraded Rhodes Park School Website is the ideal boat in which to sail for you to appreciate whom we are and what we do as a formation house.

Rhodes Park School has been a great human conduit for almost fifty years. We receive children from the early years of Crèche/Nursery, through Reception to Primary and going on to the completion of full Secondary Education. Our learners continue to receive unmatched quality teaching each academic year. We know that equity and equality are vital in a multicultural environment.

We are greatly committed to the quality of education received by our individual learners. We value high and low achieving learners and accord multi-ability individuals as well as groups, learning opportunities equitably; in our whole-embracing school climate and culture.

Our Parents and guardians are free to complement what learners and their teachers cover in school. Lesson observation by parents is encouraged and their critique of our teaching adds value to the quality of education received by scholars. We value open parental contribution to all our academic programmes.

Our gallant team of teachers works extra hard to provide the best opportunities for all pupils in a safe and happy environment. We value our great teachers because each one of them is a special talent with whom we are able to work and learn from the time they spend with us.

Watching the young aces that enter our school from the early years below pre-grade and later on exit with excellent results after the Ordinary Level Examination, as young adults continues to motivate us.

We are thankful to Almighty God for the great successes of the past and pray that we achieve greater goals in the future.



Henry M. Kwalombota
Head teacher