Phoenix Studio Pics-Jan2012 (4)-websmallIt gives me great pleasure to introduce our new and improved website. As the leading privately owned school in Zambia, Rhodes Park has been at the forefront of educational techniques and approaches for almost 50 years. Now we are taking the lead in bringing the latest ICT to our portal to the world.

This website will not only be a way for our country and indeed, the world, to see what Rhodes park School is all about, but will also be an avenue for the entire school community – pupils, teachers, parents and alumni to see themselves.

On it you will find views and impressions of our vibrant school life and activities. You will read and take part in the development of the future as we continue to shape leaders of tomorrow. You may also get a feel of how we foster the highest levels of academic achievement.

We will offer resources and answer some questions  as well as provide news and information to both current and prospective parents.

On behalf of the shareholders and Directors of the School, I urge all to take part as much as possible in the building of this online community and information portal.

Chisha L. Folotiya