lib 600

The school library not only compliments what is taught in the classroom, but also offers reference and recreational
material for all ages. The school has three separate libraries, with the largest one at the main campus and one each at the Lower School Campus and at the Early Learning Centre.
Our Libraries receive and purchase books at regular intervals. Qualified librarians are on hand to guide pupils through the various books, magazines and other material available.
All classes have been allocated formal library periods and children are also allowed to use the library for reading or studying at other times. One of our school policies is that each pupil should borrow and read as many books as possible.
The library is also open during vacations and lending of books is also offered to parents and guardians.
Our library facilities will in the near future be moved into our purpose-built Media Centre, which will also house our Computer Labs and specialist language teaching facilities, as well as additional classrooms.