1.1 No set of school rules can possibly cover all eventualities. Every child is expected to show common sense and to have at all times proper consideration for other people, whether younger or older than him/herself. Consequently, children are expected at all times to observe the common courtesies of standing up greeting, hands out of pockets, etc.

1.2 The Headteacher reserves the right to amend these standing orders as he may see fit, and to punish infractions of them in any way in which he sees fit and may in extreme cases lead to a decision to expel, to request the removal of a child for any cause judged by him to be sufficient. (See Declaration).

1.3 Behaviour likely to bring the school into disrepute, even during holidays or vacations, may be deemed to be a breach of standing orders.


2.1 Every child is expected to be punctual for all lessons and any other school functions. Any child entering class after 07:25 hours for the secondary section and 07:40 hours for the primary section will be marked absent. All parents are advised to pick children from school soon after the last school function each day. All late functions come to an end at 16 30 hours. The school should be formally informed of all late pickings. This can be done through the school secretary.

2.2 The Class teacher should be informed about the mode of transport each one of his pupils uses. All drivers employed to bring children to school and take them back home each day should be introduced to the Class teacher.

2.3 All enrolled pupils must be in continuous and consecutive attendance. Absence and tardiness due to emergencies and certain religious days may be approved after a request to the Headteacher.

2.4 Requests made by parents or others for children to be taken out of school should be made through the office of the Headteacher,

2.5 No child may return to school late or leave school early without prior permission from the Headteacher  given after a request is made in writing by the parents. Such permission is granted only in exceptional circumstances.

2.6 No child is allowed out of his class during school time without the Class Teacher’s permission – except for an official school activity. Register attendance procedures must be strictly adhered to.


3.1 Children must ensure that all personal items are clearly marked with their      names. The school shall be not responsible for the safety of valuables.

3.2 All lost items should be reported to the Class teacher or the Teacher on Duty at the time they are missed.


4.1 The formal school uniform is blue shirt, long grey socks for boys, knee-high white stockings for girls, grey slacks for boys/navy blue skirts for girls in grades five to twelve and gym dresses for those in  lower school, navy blue school jersey and flat heeled black lace-up shoes. Pupils are expected to wear white T-shirt, white shorts or navy blue track suits, white socks, and sports shoes during Physical Education lessons.

4.2 Children are expected to be in full clean school uniform at all times. When they are attending lessons, going out on educational tours and on any other school function. All pupils in wrong dress will be excluded from the attention of school functions.

4.3 Girls are expected to have neat and clean hair at all times when in school and outside the school. Wet look and other fancy hair styles shall not be allowed when in school.

4.4 Boys must have their hair cut evenly and combed at all times. No fancy or exotic hair styles or tinting shall be allowed. Growing of beards is not allowed.

4.5 Girls are not allowed to wear facial  make-up, jewellery and nail polish whilst in school. Girls are expected to be decently dressed, therefore short or tight dresses will not be allowed.


5.1 The Library is a place of silence and must be respected as such.

5.2 No book/magazine may be removed from the library without permission.

5.3 The Librarian has full authority in the library and must be obeyed.


6.1 Damages or breakage of school property shall be paid for or made good by the parents or guardians of the children concerned.

6.2 The official language of the school is formal English and no other language is allowed.

6.3 Stealing is a punishable offence which can lead to the suspension of the offender.

6.4 Chewing gum, eating and drinking during lessons are strictly forbidden.

6.5 Toys must not be brought to school unless authorised by a relevant teacher or other school authority.

6.6  Unruly behaviour in or outside school premises towards fellow pupils, members of staff or members of the general public is a punishable offence which can lead to suspension or expulsion.

6.7 Drinking of intoxicating liquor or taking illicit substances or being in possession of the same is strictly prohibited.

6.8   All Rhodes School pupils are expected to do correct things at all times and avoid all that is wrong in the eyes of the school and society. Any form of involvement in the wrong will automatically result into expulsion.


7.1 Pupils who fall sick must be attended to by the school primary health caretaker. The caretaker shall examine the situation after which he/she will make further recommendations. Parents shall be informed of the condition by the school secretary and together they shall henceforth decide on the next step.

7.2 All chronic Pupil-related illnesses should be reported to the school office at the time of enrolment. These should be supported by documents signed by medical doctors licensed to operate in Zambia by law.


8.1   All complaints, difficulties/problems etceteras should be reported to the class teacher or the Teacher on Duty before the Deputy Headteacher is approached.

8.2   All difficulties that may bring about failure of attention in any school extra-curricular activities by pupils should also be supported by certificates from formal authorities working hand in hand with the school authority.


9.1   The following are out of bounds to all pupils during school time: School offices, All nearby Shopping centres, Sibweni road and all other areas which are not Rhodes Park School-related. All Pupils should be in school until the time they are to be picked by their parents. Pupils who walk to and from school together with those who come to school by bus and do the same when returning home should be in possession of the official school pass.

9.2 Classrooms are out of bounds after home time. All pupils should wait for their    parents in the waiting shelter. Class teachers will make prior arrangements for     all pupils who wish to study after school hours. Lists of such children should be    availed to the school office before commencement.


10.1 All Parents/Legal Guardians of children attending school at Rhodes Park School shall be eligible for membership of the Parents Teachers Association. The annual subscription is charged annually per family, subject to review.


All Rhodes Park School pupils should study these standing orders and master their importance. We should all remember that lack of common sense bears difficulties. It is punishable.