There is an understanding at Rhodes Park that each pupil is a complex and variously talented person in his or her own right.
Rhodes Park has two full time Physical Education teachers who are assisted by other sporting coaches, and all classes have PE lessons to ensure that the pupils learn to appreciate the benefits of exercise and good health. Facilities include a newly built basketball/tennis court as well as access to full-size athletics field. Plans are advanced to construct a swiming pool at the main campus.

Physical Education is now a core subject and is being taught in class and outside.  As well as providing enjoyment and relaxation our Physical Education program is also intended to build self-discipline and to arouse sleeping talents.

Our school regularly fields teams against other schools in a number of sports. Team members are inspired to bring honour to their school and to stretch their talents to the full, while being able to meet different personalities and visit new places.

The range of choice in individual and team sports such as soccer, netball, basketball, tennis, badminton, rounders, softball, cricket, rugby, athletics, chess, field hockey, volleyball, table tennis and many others is multiplied by opportunities to lead, organise, play or simply watch.

Independent Schools Association of Zambia Sports Leagues
Under this league our school takes part in all the fixtures which are grouped in age range format:

e.g. Primary Section – Under 13, Under 12, Under 11 and Under 10.

Secondary Section – Under 15, Under 16 and Under 18.


  • The Zambia Amateur Swimming Union (ZASU)
  • Zambia Table Tennis Association
  • Zambia Rugby Football Union
  • Zambia Volleyball Association
  • Football Association of Zambia
  • National Sports Council of Zambia