science-labRhodes Park School offers a cross-section curriculum which covers training for life skills, managing for right choices and teaching for intellectual efficiency. The scholastic composition embodies all those subjects which seek to promote academic efficiency and career building, and focus on global goals.
At Reception and Primary School, these include English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Religious Education, Developmental Studies, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Creative Skills, Information and Communication Technology, French and Music.


  • Pre-English (Literacy and Language)
  • Pre-Mathematics (Mathematical Skills)
  • Physical Education
  • IT
  • Library Studies
  • TOPIC(Integrated Science, Social and Development Studies Creative and Technology Studies, Music, Games and Dances)
  • French
  • Poems
  • Rhymes and Free Play.


  • Literacy and Language
  • Integrated Science
  • Creative and Technology Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Industrial Arts
  • Art and Design
  • Physical Education and Music
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Developments Studies
  • Community Studies
  • IT
  • Library Studies and French.

At Junior Secondary School:

  • Book Keeping
  • Office Practice
  • History
  • Geography
  • Technical Drawing
  • Civics
  • Agricultural and Environmental Science.

At High School:

  • Science is broken down into Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Agriculture
  • Technical Drawing changes into Design and Technology
  • Book Keeping grows into Principles of Accounts. Commerce and Literature in English are also introduced at this stage