Rhodes Park School arranges educational trips and tours as a means of supplementing what is learned in the classroom. Our pupils are regularly taken to places relevant to their lessons or mentioned in their textbooks.

Educational Tours have always been at the centre of teaching since time immemorial. In order to envisage this ‘infallible truth’, Rhodes Park School has always considered educational tours not as a marketing gimmick but the philosophy of the holistic education it provides for the real world.

It is our present policy that each class should go on at least one such educational trip per term.
The places visited range from hydroelectric power stations to farms, factories and other installations.
In addition, we arrange four major educational tours each year: Grade Six pupils visit Treetops School camp in Kafue National Park, while Grade Seven pupils travel to the Victoria Falls region. Grade Nine pupils are taken to Gauteng, South Africa, and Grade Twelve visits Namibia.

Educational Tour for Grade 9 Pupils to South Africa Educational Tour for Grade 7 Pupils to Vic Falls Region